domingo, 18 de outubro de 2020

It's Halloween!

Spooky Halloween is already here. Click on the picture to access to some videos.

mércores, 30 de setembro de 2020

venres, 25 de setembro de 2020

Arts & Crafts is back!

These first weeks we worked primary and secondary colours and cold and warm colours in Grade 3.
Students from Grade 5 and Grade 6 learnt about proportion.

sábado, 19 de setembro de 2020

Welcome back!


We start this year as excited as ever. School this year is going to be a bit different but we will try to have fun while learning as every year.

In this blog I will upload videos and songs that we do in the classroom. I will also post some photos of what we do in the English and Arts&Crafts lessons.

martes, 16 de xuño de 2020

What inspires you? - Arts and Crafts 5º & 6º

For our last project you are the ones surprising us with whatever it is you want to create. Para este último proxecto sodes vós os que nos sorprendedes realizando algo que vós queirades.

If you don't know what to do, you can always find inspiration in the artists seen in old projects. Se non se vos ocurre nada podedes revisar artistas xa traballados en proxectos anteriores.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. So ask yourself this question, what inspires me? A inspiración pode atoparse en calquer lado. Faite entón esta pregunta, que é o que me inspira a min?

If you want, you can send your creations to

Here are your creations: